Saturday, September 14, 2013

End of Summer Shebang


The seasons come and go. Traditions mark the passing of time with regularity and familiarity. The end of our summer is often marked by the Renaissance Faire.

We first attended six years ago, when Leif was still in a front pack! (Oh, look how young they are. Be still my heart. I didn’t even recognize Drake at first—sword fighting with my boys—when I revisited these photos.) The following year we returned. Still, the boys so little. And again. And then again, when I was 8+ months pregnant (not many pictures that year). Did I really brave the Ren Faire just a few weeks before Lola was born? Oh, we missed a year when Lola was almost one. We were a little swamped with the shop renovation. And then again when Lola was almost two. (I loved the photos I collected last year.)

So this was visit #6 for us. Is that possible? This was the first year, though, that the weather was misty, overcast, and cool. Our days have been odd this way for a week or so—cool and misty in the morning, sun coming out and temperatures rising in the later afternoon. I will say that I prefer the cool weather at the Ren Faire to the very hot days the first few years.

Lola. She was an absolute angel today. She was so seriously interested and interactive. And fearless. She met (and loved) a wizard and a dragon. The dead guy in the road she merely met with curiosity (the roving gang of Celts must have gotten to him). The Renaissance Faire is a place where the extraordinary becomes commonplace.

Lola and WizardImg2013-09-14_0039rsRenFaireImg2013-09-14_0055rs

The kids got “rat-catching licenses” again this year. Lola really got into the spirit of things.

Rat CatchingImg2013-09-14_0056rsRenFaire 2Img2013-09-14_0072rsImg2013-09-14_0001rsImg2013-09-14_0004rsImg2013-09-14_0067rsImg2013-09-14_0022rsImg2013-09-14_0047rs

The jousting show was spectacular a few years ago. This year—meh.


Little Miss Sunshine. Have I told you lately how she makes my heart burst with her cuteness?

Lola RenFaire

And because the Renaissance Faire wasn’t enough excitement for one day, we invited a bunch of family and friends over for a pizza/ice cream sundae/outdoor movie fest. Russ turned our side porch theater into a movie theater.


And, really, there is only one movie perfect enough for a day like today.



Julie said...

We just introduced our kids to The Movie a couple of weeks ago. The oldest (9) didn't really know what to expect and seemed on the verge of running out of the room or laughing but not quite able to decide. Our 2 yr old daughter, though, was amazed with the princess and I'm sure this is just the beginning.

Unknown said...

Looks like a fun weekend! If you don't mind answering, where is the Ren Fair held? ;)

Heidi said...

Abbie~ The Ren Faire is in Kings Valley, Oregon. (About 15 miles west-ish from Corvallis.) Here is the website:

Unknown said...

Thanks. I want to go to one some day. ;)