Sunday, September 8, 2013

Another Day in Paradise


We returned to our favorite spot for one last hurrah before our routine changes for the new season. We were there in July, but fall was definitely in the air today. I planned to take just a few photos and then finish up the ones from July and post them all together. Plans never go… quite as planned. Ha! So I’ll just post today’s pictures.

The beach was covered with these rock stacks when we arrived. They were quite the statement! And, really? There is no more perfect place for Zen rock stacking, with the creek sounds, lush ferns, and the light streaming through trees.


My boys knocked down quite a few. I told them it was better to build than to destroy, so they made their own contributions.


Luke, always looking for action, built his in the water:


We start our first week of Classical Conversations tomorrow morning! Wish us luck.

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Ashley said...

Gorgeous photos as always! I love the cairn stacks. We are always finding them at the river we go to and we attempt to build them as well. Mine never end up as tall as some I see. But they are great fun to build none the less.

We started back last week and this is our first time following a classical style. I love it and I want to thank you for posting such great resources on your blog. It has been a big help to me.