Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Crazy School

As Levi and I are getting into the car, just the two of us (after hours of too much sensory input for this introvert and obviously not enough for my extroverted son):

Levi: What music are we going to listen to?

Me: You're driving with Mom. That means we get to drive in silence.

Levi: (With a disappointed sigh) Oh, I was looking forward to some Mom-Levi time.

Me: (Feeling remorse) What would you like to talk about, Levi?

Levi: I don't know. I was going to defer to your expert knowledge of chitchat subjects.

So, you see, I’m a chitchat expert.

Not really, but let’s pretend.

We had a decent day full of lessons today. Not completely up to speed, but close. (As the above pictures demonstrate, lessons at our house are done with flair.) We have another back-to-school event with our charter school on Thursday. The boys (Levi and Luke) started swim team practice again this week after a short break. I am planning on being up to full speed this coming week. The boys start choir on Monday, as well. I’m trying to decide whether to have Leif attend Awanas or whether that is just too much on the schedule.

I’m currently reading Gilead for my ChocLit Guild book club selection this month. Every sentence is a glorious masterpiece of profound simplicity. (How’s that for a glowing recommendation?) It reminds me of Peace Like a River, which is now on my all-time top 10 books list. (Also a book which made me thrilled to have a son named Leif.)

As an aside, thank you to whoever clicked on one of my Amazon affiliate links and ordered Gilead. First, whenever you click one of my links and then place items in your cart (even when you do not purchase items I have recommended), I receive a small commission which helps support my book habit. I am immensely grateful. Second, I find it fascinating to see what people order (I can see the items ordered, but not who ordered them). I occasionally click on the books out of curiosity, and Gilead was one such occasion. You have now blessed a whole book club. Grin.

A sentence diagramming challenge is coming up shortly. Get those pencils ready. (I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start.) (This one’s for you, Kellie.)

I’ll also be writing about using CC memory work at home without being a part of a CC community. (This one’s for you, Andrea.)

In other (Big, Mysterious) news, I’m working on something exciting. It is a sort of themed year-long life project with many interconnected facets that I’ll be launching in January here at Mt. Hope Chronicles. It has to do with my Billboards post that I reposted last week. I have many details to work out (and prep work to accomplish), but I’m full of anticipation. Can you believe that January is just over three months away? I’m hoping y’all are here to join me on the journey.


P.S. Lola turns three in two weeks. I am all astonishment. This is not possible.


Christi said...
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Christi said...

I can't wait to hear about using CC at home - I am fascinated with the memory work & really want to use it with my boys, but the cost of CC is not in our budget. So, thanks in advance! :-)

Kellie said...

Love it! Of course, my favorite sentence diagramming book is in my school room 9 hours away since I'm visiting my dad this week, but I still have my son's AG notebook, so that will have to do. : )

I too am looking forward to the info on CC memory work at home. Every year I try to do that and every year there is some disconnect and I end up just doing my own thing for memory work.

Andrea said...

Thank you in advance Heidi! I'm all ears/eyes. Maybe one day Canada will be progressive enough to have CC. But we're thankful for our neighbours setting the course (in some ways. only. of course).

Unknown said...

Also awaiting your tips for CC at home! We live in the sticks and the nearest CC community is at least an hour's drive...

Amy said...

I started using CC memory work at home this year without being part of a community, so I'm looking forward to that post!

Hannah said...

Good thing I came to catch up your blog
.. I almost missed a sentence challenge! How could that be?? Waiting with bated breath ... (not a complete sentence, I know ...)