Friday, September 5, 2014

A Day on the Beach ~ Check


Slight change of plans. We were going to an amusement park in Portland today—until I found out it was going to be 90+ degrees. The weather forecast said 80 for the coast. That made the decision easy. Coast it was.

And HOT. 90 degrees hot. What?! I don’t know when I’ve been to the Oregon coast in such warm weather. We hit the docks first and checked out the boats. We watched a man putting fresh-caught tuna on ice. The boys thought that was quite interesting. Then we checked out the lighthouse. The heat was getting to us, and everyone was cranky.

So we headed to the beach…where no one was cranky anymore.

NewportImg2014-09-05_0051fpmImg2014-09-05_0127fpmImg2014-09-05_0066fpmIn the waterImg2014-09-05_0102fpmImg2014-09-05_0129fpmImg2014-09-05_0072fpm

Then we ate clam chowder as the sun set over the ocean.

I love my life.


Beth said...

We were in Newport last weekend and 90?! wow! You got lucky. Sounds like you made the right decision. I thought of taking my kids to Oaks Park also for about but nope, didn't think twice :) I love that bridge!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Why does this always look like your own private beach? Do you just go on weekdays? I think it would be awesome to be there as just your family.

Heidi said...

Awww, we just missed you, Beth! Yeah, 90 degrees at an amusement park doesn't sound like fun. ;)

Brandy~ This particular beach is never busy. There are other beaches nearby with parking lots, bathrooms, and camping, so those are always full of people. The one just north of this is super busy (and ugly). This beach only has a little gravel parking area and no bathrooms or other conveniences. People walk through occasionally, but rarely stay. I'd much rather do without conveniences (and people) for such gorgeous scenery. :)