Monday, September 1, 2014

Ready. Set. Go! (Oh, wait. Not quite yet.)



This past week’s TO DO list:

Organize Levi’s Challenge notebooks.

Organize Levi’s workspace in schoolroom/library/office.

Levi complete week 1 Challenge assignments (and get a head start on week 2, due to the short week)

Organize independent work notebooks for Leif and Luke. (That’s moved to this week’s to do list.)

Organize filing system for books, completed paper, and supplies in kitchen and living room. (half way there!)

Organize independent reading selections (history, literature, science, art, math, etc…) for the first few weeks.

Spray paint metal book holder.

Back-to-school pictures.

Clean Lola’s room (purge toys and clothes). (part way there)

Clean Boys’ room (purge toys and clothes). (part way there)

Buy CD players and desk lamps for bedrooms.

Clean house. Catch up on all laundry. (never-ending)

Clean up yard and mow. Clean up front porch. (Now we have a tv armoir and huge tv on the front porch waiting for new homes…)

Meal plan for September. Grocery shopping. (I’ll have to go again this week, anyway.)

Finish summer blog posts (just one left!). Finish Book Detectives post.

CC Orientation (Monday)

180 Live Concert (Levi) (Tuesday)

End of summer swim team BBQ (Wednesday)

ChocLit Guild Book Club (Thursday)

Friday night evening at Shan’s (what a lovely, lovely last Friday evening in the garden!!)

Levi hair cut. (wahoooooo!!!!!!!)

Quit drinking Dr. Pepper/Paleo-ish  (On day 6, other than dessert at book club.)

Schedule hair cut for me. (I’ll try to get it in this week.)

Edit Kelley family photo session.

[Russ completed quite a few handy-man projects such as fixing light fixtures, putting up hooks, etc.]


Tomorrow was scheduled to be Levi’s first day of Classical Conversations Challenge A (and it would have been a short week due to the holiday), but we were given a reprieve due to the tutor being ill. He’ll start next week, but we’ll continue with some of his work (math and geography in particular) so that we have some breathing room.

This gives us a few more days of prep and fun before the school excitement begins. (Whew! I wasn’t quite ready, and Russ has a few days off this week!)

This week’s TO DO List:

Everything not crossed out above.

A day in the mountains.

A day on the beach.

A day at an amusement park in Portland.

A date night.

A birthday party.

[Think I can do it?!]


So now… Levi starts CC Challenge A and Luke and Leif start their 5th year of CC Foundations (and 2nd year of Essentials for Luke) all on the 8th. I might be able to swing Book Detectives that week. We also have our charter school event on that Friday.

Swim team practice for all three starts the following week (on the 16th).

[We have options for weekend activities on the 13th and 20th, and I have my book clubs on the 18th and 25th.]

Choir and AWANA starts the week after that (on the 22nd and 24th).

Full steam ahead.


misha said...

You are simply amazing! Always so inspiring to me. : )

Kellie said...

Another reason for me to move where you live -- our Challenge A group started 3 weeks ago. I was nowhere close to being ready, so I'm imaging how perfect life would have been if I'd just had 3 extra weeks to get my life together. ;-)

Sounds like lots of fun times ahead for you all -- enjoy!

Heidi said...

Awwww thanks, Misha. XOXO

Kellie~ Our summer doesn't start until mid-July, so I'd be super-duper bummed if we missed out on weeks in August. In fact, I'd really rather not start until October. ;) But you'll be smiling when we're doubling up on week 1 and 2 to make up for a missed week, and when we are still attending class on December 8th! (Do you have breaks built in? We're going straight through all 15 weeks. Yowsa!)