Sunday, September 7, 2014

As Ready as We’ll Ever Be


This past week’s TO DO list:

Levi complete week 1 Challenge assignments (and get a head start on week 2, due to the short week) [Completed more math, geography, Latin, and more this week; hoping to make this double first week not quite so crazy.]

Organize independent work notebooks for Leif and Luke. [I guess I’ll work more on that this week.]

Organize filing system for books, completed paper, and supplies in kitchen and living room. [Still in progress.]

Organize independent reading selections (history, literature, science, art, math, etc…) for the first few weeks. [Nope.]

Get notebooks and supplies for Essentials ready.

Clean Lola’s room (purge toys and clothes). [Needs more work.]

Clean Boys’ room (purge toys and clothes). [Needs more work.]

Clean house. Catch up on all laundry. [As caught up on both as I’m ever going to be…]

Meal plan for September. Grocery shopping. [Grocery shopping done. Meal plan only through this week.]

Finish summer blog posts.

Quit drinking Dr. Pepper/Paleo-ish  [Did well until today, Sunday. Back to the grindstone tomorrow.]

Hair cut for me.

Edit Kelley family photo session. [Halfway finished.]

A day in the mountains.

A day on the beach.

A day at an amusement park in Portland. [Decided not to go because of the hot weather.]

A date night. [Dinner and a movie! We watched The Hundred-Foot Journey at our favorite little vintage theater in town, and it was lovely.]

A birthday party.

Middle school church group pool party (Levi)

3 hours at the coffee shop engaged in phenomenal conversation with dear friends at book club #4 (me)

Backpacks, snack bags, lunches, and clothes out for Monday morning


Well, that’s close enough. Ready or not, the school year officially begins tomorrow.

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