Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rilla Grey ~ An Un-Birthday [Catching Up from July]


I’m a little slow on my posting, but better late than never.

My niece Rilla Grey was born just five days before Christmas. We celebrated her first birthday (with my grandma!), because how can you not celebrate a first birthday?! But from now on Shannon and Ben are planning to have an un-birthday (or 1/2 year) party for her in the summer so she can have a celebration separate from the Christmas festivities in December. That, and they have a gorgeous garden and itty-bitty inside living space.

So a whole host of friends and family gathered in the garden in July to celebrate Rilla’s un-birthday with yummy treats (Oreos because Rilla loves eating them when Poppy shares) and games and stacking wood “cake” blocks.

Rilla's Un-BirthdayImg2014-07-26_0019fpmImg2014-07-26_0004fpmRilla's Un-B-Day

I’m so glad Lola has such a sweet little sister-cousin just down the road.

And just for fun, two pictures I took of her at one of the concerts in the park:


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Molly Anne said...

How gorgeous! I like the idea of celebrating when the weather is nice and something separate from all the other parties.