Monday, September 8, 2014

The Beginning of the 9th Year @ Mt. Hope Academy!


I started reading and math lessons with Levi when he turned 4. And here we are, eight and a half years later. It’s shocking, really. I always knew this is what I wanted to do, but some days I didn’t think I’d make it another week—or even another hour. [wry grin]

I’ve chronicled the past seven years of home school here on the blog. [SEVEN+ YEARS of blogging. That boggles my mind.]

But check out these lovely students:

Mt Hope Academy Students


I described my students four years ago, and not much has changed.

(Other than adding one more big distraction student, of course.)

But now I have a brooding adolescent middle school student on my hands. (I shared about Levi’s personality here.) In many ways he is still the same as he was four years ago, though.

I will say that Luke has gotten so. much. easier. than when he was younger because he is suddenly capable. He mows, he fixes things, he organizes things, he works on lists independently, and he is motivated by incentives. (I shared about Luke’s personality here.)

Leif is much the same as always (so sweet and loving, so ornery, so difficult to keep focused, so smart when he’s reading and talking independently, so sneaky, so stubborn about assigned lessons, and so like a puppy that can’t control his mouth or body).

Lola is audacious and interactive and hilarious and very, very distracting. And unable to entertain herself independently.

This should be an exciting year!


Some of my favorite posts that describe what we’re currently all about here at Mt. Hope Academy:

::  Classical Conversations (not much has changed since this third year update, though we’re now in our 5th year)

::  Classical Conversations Challenge (the main thing that has changed is that Levi is starting the Challenge level this year)

::  Our Big-Picture Educational Scope and Sequence Integrated with Classical Conversations (because we don’t just do CC! and there are more links in this post)

::  The Great Conversation (our over-arching themes and philosophy)

::  The Trivium: Instructions for Living a Life (because it isn’t just school)


I think we’re ready for a new year.




Danielle said...

Can I just say how much I LOVE that final picture. I saw The 100 Foot Journey too and just loved it! And, I'm enjoying your guest appearance on the Reading Revival podcast. Thanks for pointing me to it!

Hannah said...

What Danielle said. Love that snapshot, even without their delightful faces! It says so much, doesn't it?

I bet you had no idea when you started blogging seven years ago how many friends you'd make along the way, huh? And speaking of that, I thought you did a fabulous job on the podcast! It was so much fun to listen in to you two chat … and FYI, you didn't sound nervous at all. :-)