Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Back To School {Fun}

back to school excitement

In the past years we’ve done several (not)back-to-school events in September. This year is a bit different, but I am honestly ready for the change. Less going. More doing. More rest.

We did, however, attend the back-to-school event for our charter school this past Friday. We spent time at the Riverfront Carousel in Salem, picnicked in the park, and then walked over to the A.C. Gilbert Children’s Museum to play for a couple hours. I have no idea why I have no pictures from the museum. I think I was trying to be “in the moment.” Or maybe I was tired. [nah, that couldn’t be…]

The weather was perfection. The kids loved the location, loved spending time with their friends, and enjoyed meeting their new teacher. Success.

[Levi did some math on the way there and worked on the weekend to make up for the missed day. No more playing hookey.]

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