Thursday, March 1, 2007

Educational Resources

I have compiled a list of resources that we are using currently for our homeschooling adventure (early kindergarten and 2.5 yo). Those marked with ** are some of our favorites. The resources in [] are some that I hope to begin using within the next month or two.

Reading (Phonics):
Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading
Level A Sight Words flash cards
Nora Gaydos readers levels 1,2, and 3**
Boggle Jr.
Leap Frog DVDs beginning with Letter Factory **

RightStart Math** (includes games and manipulatives)

Your Big Backyard National Wildlife Federation magazine for kids
Magic School Bus (The Learning Channel)
Zoboomafoo (PBS Kids)
How It's Made (Discovery Channel)**
[More Mudpies to Magnets]

Handwriting Without Tears**

The American Story; 100 True Tales From American History
Various Picture Books
We the Kids (memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution)
Wee Sing America (memorizing classic patriotic songs)

Current Events:
God's World News magazine for kids

Lots of great picture books and chapter books (Honey For a Child's Heart has terrific book lists or try this link: 1000 Good Books)
Books and stories on CD:
Jim Weiss story CDs **
Narnia series CDs (Focus on the Family Radio Theater) **
Classic Children's Stories on CD **

Sing the Word from A to Z (CD) **
Wee Sing Bible Songs (CD)
The Children's Illustrated Bible
[Five Minute Devotions for Children]

La Clase Divertida (DVD, CD, workbook, activities)
Various picture books, CDs, and videos/DVDs
Private Tutoring

San Francisco Symphony Kids
Story of the Orchestra
Little Einsteins
(Disney channel and DVD)**
Classical Kids series (CDs)**
Other CDs:
Peter and the Wolf
Baby Loves Jazz series
Children's Favorite Songs: Classic Tunes
Dog Train A Wild Ride on the Rock and Roll Side
[The Classical Child at the Opera]

Various picture books
Little Einsteins (Disney channel and DVD)
Mini Masters board books

Great States Jr. (game)
Little Einsteins (Disney channel and DVD)
Maps, picture books

The Harp and the Laurel Wreath

The Well-Trained Mind *******

Learning Page
Enchanted Learning
Can Teach

Magnetic Calendar
HP Officejet All-In-One Printer **

Now that I've typed it out, it looks like far more than I thought. Grin. We are using these resources often, but only a few do we use daily. A few we use less than weekly. I didn't prioritize subjects or resources (partly because I was doing well just to get them listed at all). I would be glad to answer any specific questions.

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Precision Quality Laser said...

Please feel free to ignore this question if it is too "prying."

Approximately how much each semester (or year )do you spend on curriculum or "extras" for homeschooling? As I am attempting to homeschool my two young (5 and 3) boys next year, I am trying to put together a budget for it as well.


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