Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Our Library/School Room

This is the view into our school room.

Levi's desk is on the left.

Some of our books are still in storage, still waiting...

Drawers for all our supplies.

My desk.

Levi said this was the elevator to Paris; unfortunately it is just a closet for games and stuff. Grin.

We keep the picture books, chapter books, easy readers, and other books not history related in the boys' bedroom.


heather said...

Love the pictures! You amaze me by how quickly you have settled in and gotten everything all set up. It looks great!

I still feel a tiny bit of unsettledness since our upstairs is not finished yet and holds more boxes to unpack. I am trying to be patient=) I can hardly wait to get the upstairs set up. It will have bookshelves, space for school... I am also craving color on my walls-all in due time=)

I did get some curtains up recently-every little bit is fun.

Heidi said...

Looks can be deceiving. :) We have a shop/office on the property that is crammed full of stuff we need to go through. Poor Russ's office is in there, and he has to work around all the boxes. I just pulled out my favorite things ahead of time. :)

You will love your upstairs when it is finished! Do you have a time-frame to work on it?

heather said...

=) I can understanding pulling out the favorites! The pictures of your place look so great!

We are hoping (with fingers crossed) to begin the stairs this spring (like later spring) and then move on from there-with the rest of the upstairs. Right now I am just thrilled at the thought of the stairs going in. Then i can access my boxes of stuff more easily. But, i know that after the stairs are in, i will be chomping at the bit to have the rest of the upstairs done.=) I find that i am so excited with progress and then so anxious to forge ahead again!

Hen Jen said...

I love your school room! Just beautiful!

what is the quote painted above the closet? I can't make it out.

thanks for sharing, over from wtm boards.

Heidi said...

heidi@I'm glad you came to visit, Jenny. :)

The quote says:

"To learn to read is to light a fire; every syllable that is spelled out is a spark." Victor Hugo

Jennefer said...

I adore your schoolroom! It is truly beautiful! May I ask where your table is from (one with The American Story book sitting on top)? We are redoing our schoolroom and I have had the hardest time finding the furniture I have in my mind for this space! lol!

Thanks so much!

Heidi said...

Thanks for the kind words, Jennefer!

We purchased the table at an antique store years ago. It used to be our dining table, but didn't fit well in the dining space at our new home, so it has been repurposed. :) I wish I could tell you where to find one like it. I love it!