Monday, March 12, 2007

Night At The Museum

Levi, Bambi (his Grandma), and I went to see Night At The Museum at our local, downtown, renovated theater, The Pix. We had a fabulous time! The Pix is gorgeous and the movie was an adventurous, highly entertaining show. There were so many laugh-out-loud moments. We'll have to revisit the film after getting through our world history rounds in the next few years when Levi will recognize even more of the historical characters and images. Night At The Museum will sit on our movie shelf next to National Treasure which, by the way, has a sequel due out in December of this year. Another one of our favorite adventure flicks is The Librarian; Quest for the Spear. While the special effects aren't up to the caliber of National Treasure, and there is one scene we fast forward for the littles, it is also an 'Indian Jones'-style movie with many historical and legendary references that our whole family enjoys.

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