Friday, March 23, 2007

Fine Art Friday

Levi and I have been reading about Mary Cassatt this week, and I am inspired to join at least a couple other bloggers and participate in Fine Art Friday.
Mary Cassatt, 1844-1926
Portrait of Alexander J. Cassatt and His Son, Robert Kelso Cassatt; 1884-85;
Philadelphia Museum of Art
Mary Cassatt rarely painted men. Apparently, unless she wanted to incite scandal, Mary could not use men unrelated to her as models. Maybe that is why this painting catches my eye each time I come across it. Or maybe I am drawn to it because I have three little boys that love being near their father, even when he is absorbed in his newspaper or on his computer. I like the way Alexander is sitting on the side of the chair with his arm around his dad. Both he and his father seem comfortable and content.
This painting reminds me of the way Scout would sit reading the newspaper with her father, Atticus, in To Kill a Mockingbird. Their close, respectful relationship is an inspiration to me, and worthy of emulating. Ah, now that is literature. Maybe I'll have to pick that one up again this week.

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