Friday, March 2, 2007

Open House

I had hoped to post pictures of our new home after all the settling in had been accomplished, decorating touches finished, and a deep cleaning "head to toe," but we would still be waiting years from now! So, swallowing my perfectionism, I invite you to our picture "Open House." I will try to post more current pictures over time.


View from the front door (kitchen through the doorway in the back):

Looking back at the front door (fireplace barely showing on right):

This is a view into our school room/library. I'll be posting updated pictures soon!

Our laundry "nook" is in on the right.

This is the kitchen view from the breakfast nook:

Our sunny breakfast nook/dining area:
The *one* bathroom:

A *tiny* master retreat:

The quiet (ha) boys' sleeping room:

The (not-so-quiet) upstairs playroom (AKA: the secret room):

Thanks for visiting! Come again soon.


heather said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the house pics! Your living room is especially fun because the colors and style are similar in ways to mine-so it is fun to get ideas=) I was trying to see your rug-it is barely showing. We just got a rug-it took me forever to pick one! In fact I have one waiting to be returned-it was not "the one."

Heidi said...

Thanks, Heather! The rug is the same one we had at the other house. We really need a new one, but this is actually "the one," and I can't find the perfect rug to replace it with! You'll have to come over to see it. :)