Friday, March 9, 2007

'Grandma-Great's' Piano

My Grandmother, 'Grandma-Great' as she came to be called by her 37 great-grandchildren, passed away in January at the age of 99. She left behind her a tremendous legacy and a close-knit family of 86. As a teacher, musician, author (her biography of her father's life was published when she was 92), missionary to Argentina and Uruguay, church pioneer, mother of 7, administrator, and minister, she touched more lives than we could imagine. My father loved to say that his mother had forgotten more knowledge than he would ever accumulate in his lifetime. She was intelligent, wise, and kind. Every day at 3 o'clock she would have tea, and anyone was welcome to stop by and join her. Many students from the nearby boarding school (which she helped her father found) would take her up on the offer.

I am so blessed to have received her piano. It will be in my home as a reminder to live an intelligent, wise, and kind life, and to enjoy beautiful music along the way.

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