Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Birthday Party, Shannon Style

March was always one of the best months growing up. Spring was coming! School was out for a week of vacation. And we had three birthdays. We three sisters all had birthdays in the month of March. Yes, it was a party month. My parents did a great job of letting us each have our moment in the spot light.

As we've grown older, it is a little bit harder to have three separate parties in one month. A couple years ago, we had a round-robin celebration. I hostessed Shannon's birthday, Shannon hostessed Holly's birthday, and Holly hostessed my birthday. (Mom didn't get left out...we let her hostess Easter!)

This year, life was getting in the way of our party month, and Shannon volunteered to entertain us for one big birthday bash. Now, Holly and I know how well Shannon entertains. Neither of us objected to letting her do all the work! None of us were disappointed. What a lovely evening!

Shannon's birthday is the first one up.
(Should I mention this is the big 3-0? Nah. Grin.)

Holly's birthday is next (even though she is the oldest).

My birthday closes out the month.
Shannon and her husband, Ben.

The spread: Cheesy bread, Salad with all the trimmings, Hot Artichoke Dip and Crackers, Fruit Salad Parfaits (with Devonshire cream and dried cranberries), and Italian Cream Sodas!

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Skeller said...

Yup. I followed every last link. I need to live near you guys so I can learn by osmosis how to do what you do!!! :-)