Monday, August 13, 2007

Blackberries In Abundance

Blackberry Gingerbread (2 baking pans full):Three batches (24 jars) of blackberry jam:

Warm blackberry cobbler with vanilla icecream:

Bags of frozen blackberries,
freshly made syrup for pancakes and French toast,
blackberry milkshakes,
mashed blackberries and cereal for baby,
blackberry/apricot oatmeal,
fruit salads and snacks...

Any other ideas? We have weeks of berries to come...


Mumsy said...

Have I told how JEALOUS I am yet??? Oh, everything looks wonderful. And I am very jealous.

I made a frozen blackberry-lemon chiffon pie awhile back that was very tasty. I got the recipe from an issue of Cooking Light magazine. It was light and refreshing.

Colleen said...

Stop the guilt trip!!! ;-D Other than freezing gobs of blueberries last week, I've done nothing whatsoever on the berry front this season. And now all the blackberries are calling my name but it's fair week and my in-laws are visiting and next week we have farm tours...Ack! I think I need to schedule time for us to get out there do some blackberry-ing!


Anonymous said...

Ditto on the jealous! They look so good, I am drooling. The fruit farms around here got hit with a late freeze, so nothing to sell. All has to come from the market. So, yeah, I am jealous!

Melissa ;o)

Heidi said...

Colleen--What were you doing here, silly? You've got *work* to do. :) I say, send the boys out to pick blackberries! ...Probably not during fair week, though. :)

Lindsey--Blackberry-lemon chiffon pie sounds absolutely delicious. I need to google for a few more recipes, I guess. :)

Melissa--I'd send some to ya, but... :) Thanks for stopping by!

Jennefer said...

No new ideas but if you need to get some of those jars off your hands you can mail a few my way! Lol!

It all looks so yummy. The blackberries here have been so bland the past few weeks AND I have been paying up to $3 for a teeny-tiny container of them!

Enjoy and know that I am jealously thinking of you with a purple stained tongue!

Barb said...

We can't get decent fresh blackberries here in souther IL. We lived in Vancouver for 3 years and every late-summer we'd drive to our special blackberry bushes, or simply walk down the street to an empty park/lot and pick to our hearts content. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were usually blackberry pie. How I miss those days!