Saturday, August 11, 2007

Learning by Listening

As mentioned in previous posts, we make use of many different audio CDs as a part of life and learning around our home. Levi has an amazing attention span for stories and books on CD. Luke enjoys music and learns things more quickly when he can sing them. We have a small CD player in almost every room. We make use of our collection during play time, quiet time, travel time, and even bath time.

Sing the Word from A to Z (Very well done! 26 Bible verses, one starting with each letter of the alphabet, set to music. Highly recommended.)
Wee Sing Bible Songs (All the songs I grew up singing in Sunday school.)
The Adventures of Sir Bernard, The Good Knight!

Geography Songs (One of my favorite CDs!) (Audio Memory has many other CD titles such as math, history, Bible, etc. We own quite a few but haven't used the others much yet.)

Patriotic Songs:
Wee Sing America
God Bless the USA: Kids Sing Songs for America

La Clase Divertida curriculum package includes a review CD.
I also purchased a new Spanish curriculum, Learn Spanish Together, that includes 3 audio CDs.

The World's Very Best Opera For Kids...In English
Story of the Orchestra (book and CD)
Classical Kids Series (Excellent!!)
Peter and the Wolf
Beethoven's Wig: Sing Along Symphonies
Baby Loves Jazz CDs (Not just for babies! I truly enjoy listening to these CDs.)
Children's Favorite Songs: Classic Tunes series
Dog Train (Entertaining rock 'n roll for kids...and their parents.)

Literature and History:
Jim Weiss story CDs (Highly recommended! Excellent selection of history, literature, and classic stories.)
Focus on the Family Radio Theater (I cannot say enough good things about the Narnia series. It is dramatized but only slightly adapted or abridged. Very engaging. Levi could listen to them for hours! We also have Ben Hur, Les Miserables, and others...)
Children's Stories (I think we have 22 of the classic stories CDs, each with 2-4 stories. I love that Levi now knows so many of these classic stories with the original and beautiful prose.)
The Young Persons Guide to Shakespeare (book and CD)
A Child's Introduction to Poetry (book and CD)
Your Story Hour, Heritage of Our Country Series (12 - 1 hour CDs of fully-dramatized stories about great people in the history of America including Booker T. Washington, Thomas Edison, Charles Lindbergh, and Dr. Walter Reed. Levi is loving them.)
Story of the World on audio CD (I just recently purchased this CD set. We'll be listening to it once all the way through before beginning ancient history in January, and then using it as review when needed. Russ will also be listening to it during his commute time so he can follow along with our history studies.)

Various Books on CD:
Hank the Cowdog (Hilarious!)
Winnie the Pooh (A favorite!)
Just So Stories...and more!
We need to get to the library for some new material. I'll put that on the to-do list.

We have Musical Notebooks, but I haven't played it much for some reason. Need to get that one out!

For math, I have the addition songs from Audio Memory, but I'm in the market for a skip counting CD. Any suggestions? Also, I'm always in the market for quality music, stories, or educational information on CD. I would love any recommendations!

And that is the end of educational posts for a while... Time to enjoy the rest of our summer!

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Jennefer said...

Oh my goodness! Thanks for all the resources and links. I was just thinking tonight that I have really overlooked adding these to our days. Thatcher would love, love, love some audio books. I think we'll make a library trip this week just to check out a few!

Thanks again!