Sunday, August 5, 2007

Much Ado

We attended the Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing, as this year's Bard in the Quad performance. Performed at the Memorial Union Quad on a gorgeous evening, the setting was perfect!

The play was set in World War II era, with the soldiers returning home from war. I wasn't sure how the new historical interpretation would mesh with Shakespearean prose, but it was very well done. The costuming was fabulous; the bicycles, army jeeps, and 'Arlington Cemetery' backdrop added much to the atmosphere. Probably my favorite addition was the swing music and choreographed swing dance routines.

We are excited that OSU will be hosting Bard in the Quad annually. Join us next year!

My sister, Holly, and my neice, Ilex,
who declared this the best Shakespeare play
she's ever seen.

Levi and Aunt Shan.

Holly, and my nephew, Drake.

Many thanks, again, to MFS at Mental Multivitamin for her Shakespeare enthusiasm, and wonderful advice for introducing Shakespeare to novices and children. We read Much Ado About Nothing in our Beautiful Stories From Shakespeare and then watched this stellar movie adaptation before heading to the live performance. I am looking forward to reading the original version this fall.

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carole said...

I love the movie version with Emma Thompson - sounds like a very cool adaptation!