Friday, August 24, 2007

Disappointment and Fond Memories

I try to avoid complaining or venting here on this blog (my husband will attest to the fact that I don't hold out nearly so well in person) because I feel that focusing on what is beautiful and uplifting about life actually contributes to it being so, but I really am disappointed.

I have been looking forward to taking my boys to Night Glow at our local Art and Air Festival all summer. In the past, several hot air balloons have inflated in the park after dark. The flame causes the balloon to light up. It really is amazing to behold. The whoooosh of the flame is a fabulous sound and quite loud if you've never been up close to a hot air balloon. When six or eight balloons are in close proximity, the effect is stunning.

We made a fair effort to get our whole family to the park where the crowds were much larger than in the past. We struggled to meet up with my sister and her children. We waited. And waited. I'm not sure what held up the proceedings, but they started much later than in the past. The crowds were a little more, oh, rowdier? than we've been accustomed to at the park concerts and such. The young, pregnant mother of a toddler directly behind us was smoking as were a few others in the vicinity. Language was a bit more coarse. And when the balloons finally lit up, well, there were only two. Sigh. It was a long walk back to our vehicle.

So, I am recalling fond memories in an attempt to bring back the magic. Last year, Russ went with Levi and Luke to the Night Glow and took some wonderful pictures which I am happy to share with you. The next morning, as the sun was rising, 40 hot air balloons lifted off from the park, and Russ was again there with the boys. (The year before, we sat bundled up in a blanket on our front porch in the cool, quiet, crisp morning air and watched all 40 balloons drift over our house with no sound but the intermittent whoosh of the many flames. Magical was the only word to describe the moment. Levi and Russ then hopped in the car and went balloon chasing.)

Night Glow:

The next morning:

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