Thursday, August 9, 2007

If I Had Only Known

Continuing with 'Back to Homeschool Week' over at 'i have to say...'

Thursday, August 9---If I had only known...
What have you learned on your homeschooling journey? What would you/did you change? This is an opportunity to encourage others who are just starting out or who are struggling with issues that seem unsolvable. It is also a perfect opportunity to tell us about one of those days made you want to throw in the towel. A funny story? Perfect!

Considering this is our first year of homeschooling, I don't have much to say on the topic, but I will be eagerly reading the wise advice of the other participating women! Give me a few years, and I am sure I will have numerous points on which I was all wrong or mistaken or off-track.

One of the things I can see myself struggling with is the desire to make everything 'educational.' It is hard to find a balance between creating a lifestyle of learning with letting kids be kids. I want the boys to have many opportunities for free, imaginative play without interference, but I catch myself trying to make their play 'purposeful.' It is doubly hard when I am constantly fighting my lack of self-discipline or the chaos that naturally comes with having three very young boys. I feel like I have to 'fit in some learning' at each available moment that presents itself. Being aware of this tendency is hopefully the first step in maintaining a healthy balance.


Jennefer said...


I am enjoying reading all about your school and why you do what you do! I love your filing cabinent, too.

carole said...

I wonder if some Charlotte Mason reading might help you in that quest for balance. I struggle with it as well, and the Charlotte Mason method is most attractive to me because it seems to incorporate learning and play so naturally. (she doesn't want us teachers to lecture or teach as much as draw out observations and narrations from the children themselves...)

Anonymous said...

Heidi, I would also recommend reading up on Charlotte Mason!

Heidi said...

Charlotte Mason it will be then. :) It was already in the back of my mind that I needed to add that to my reading list. I'll just move it much closer to the top. :)