Friday, August 31, 2007

Summer Reading Wrap-Up

I am very pleased with what I accomplished in my literary life this past summer, thanks to intentional reading. A few books were added here and there; a few books didn't make the 'finished' list, but that's okay. The point is, a deliberate choice was made in my life: reading is important!

For ChocLit Guild:

Little Pilgrim's Progress~finished

Down the Garden Path~finished

The Richest Man in Babylon~finished

(added later) Uncle Tom's Cabin~finished

Just For Me:

Much Ado About Nothing, Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare~finished and enjoyed the live performance; the original play is on my autumn reading list

Cultural Literacy~finished

The Closing of the American Mind~didn't get to, due to adding Uncle Tom's Cabin to my list; will push it forward to my autumn list

North and South~still didn't get around to finishing it; maybe I'll enjoy the second half during a rainy week in the next few months

Anne of Green Gables~currently enjoying

I wasn't as consistent with my daily selections as I would have liked...

A Tale of Two Cities~behind schedule, but plugging away

A Year with C.S. Lewis~also behind schedule, but plugging away

Lord Bless My Child~didn't get to this very often, it needs to be higher on the priority list!

Bible~not often enough, needs to be highest on the priority list!

Reading Aloud With Levi:

A Pioneer Sampler~we've been enjoying this one here and there, along with the projects, and will finish it this fall

Pioneer Girl~finished

Little House in the Big Woods~finished

The Borrowers~finished

(added later) The Penderwicks~finished

The Moffats~currently enjoying

I will post my intentional reading list for the autumn season soon. Please consider joining me! I would love to post links to other lists. If you're interested, leave me a comment with a link to your reading list post.

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Anonymous said...

Neat idea! If I could at least discipline myself to record our readings on Homeschool Tracker first, then joining you would be a lot simplier. (smile) And yes, I intend to!