Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Getting Out There

Wednesday, August 8---Getting out there...
Extra-curricular activities, community involvement, volunteering, sports teams, music lessons, making sure your kids have opportunities to be social, co-ops, etc., etc., etc...

Because our boys are still young we have very few scheduled activities. We get out of the house often with informal activities and errands. Occasionally I'll pile the boys in the car and just drive. It is a nice break to have them all belted in. The music is playing, and I am able to sit for more than thirty seconds. Ahhhh!

The boys attend Sunday school, we spend much time with family and friends, we enjoy getting out for concerts in the park or other local offerings, we have been swimming at the pool as a family one or two nights a week, and whatever else we happen to come upon.

Levi will hopefully be starting Tae Kwon Do in the fall. We would like to start piano lessons soon, but will possibly wait until January. Swim team will very likely be in our future, as Russ has a long history with swimming and coaching.

Apparently I will be the only introvert in this family, which means that I am facing a plethora of activities in the days to come. Homeschooling will ensure some quiet family time and a balance to the numerous social opportunities. If the boys were in school, I would either be battling their desire for extracurricular activities or they would never be home. I also imagine that our home will often be full of young people. What a crazy life this is!


Robin said...

I followed your link from Randi's blog. I just wanted to say I love the pictures of your 3 boys on your sidebar. They are adorable!

Tracy said...

The pictures of your boys are GREAT! Cute. Get ready...they grow up so fast and before you know it... :) We are just approaching the teen years and very excited about it. They are so fun now (I do still have a 3 1/2 year old too...he is also fun!) we really enjoy them and just want to pause life right here!
Thanks for posting.

Anonymous said...

Yes, enjoy this time with the boys. As Tracy said, they grow up so fast.

Your boys are adorable.