Sunday, August 3, 2008

Introducing the Mt. Hope Bookshop!

I am pleased to unveil
my bookshop:

Some books are to be tasted,

others to be swallowed,

and some few to be chewed and digested.

~Francis Bacon

I have spent hours perusing the favorite titles on our bookshelves
and choosing the very best selection
to recommend and offer to you, my readers.

Many of the books I have reviewed here at Mt. Hope.
Some of the selections are books I hope to review in the near future.
But all of them are books I wouldn't want to live without.

If you are so inclined, spend some time browsing around.
Let me know what you think!

The link will always be available on my side bar
if you are ever in the mood for a little book shopping.
Be sure to check out the additional catagories on the right side bar.
All of my favorite homeschool books are in sub-catagories by subject under Education and Parenting. I've listed some of my favorite easy readers under Picture Books.


Anonymous said...

Just clicked the link. Love it! Thanks so much for taking the time to gather all those books. I am looking forward to reading some of the books on your list that I haven't read yet. Also, I found it interesting that you listed Gavin De Becker's book. I read his first one and thought it was excellent. So often we ignore our instincts just to be polite. Enough said, I will be looking for updates to your list.

Anonymous said...

Delightful, Heidi! Love the quote, and your title is deliciously clever! Of the books I recognized - I love, and of the one's I don't recognize - I shall enjoy checking into soon. Thank you.

Aja Jenise said...

You are ingenius my friend!! I look forward to perusing Amazon with you... and your reading selections!!