Monday, August 4, 2008

A Post in Which I Say Nothing Important

Have you noticed that I've averaged more than a post a day for the past 7 months, including weekends? What does that say about me? Maybe that I'm needy? Or that my minimum words shared a day are met here on my blog? Or that I think, plan, and appreciate life through blog posts? Or maybe I have no friends but y'all? Hmmm.

I know there are many bloggers who have trouble thinking of something to post. I have the opposite problem. I have more ideas than energy or time. For instance, right now I have three recipes to share, multiple book reviews or recommendations, a new blog series, a movie recommendation, updates on my July project (which is looking great, by the way, but not yet finished considering it involved painting the whole house...), a book list meme, Photoshop before-and-afters, a fun and thoughtful post on the essentials of childhood, and who knows what else. What I should be posting are more Project Heidi posts, but those take the most time and energy.

So, if I go a day or two (or three) without posting in the near future, it isn't because I'm tired of sharing with you. It is because I'm stocking up on some time and energy. Grin. You'll forgive me, right?


Elise said...

Hi Heidi

I love that you regulalry post. I think it can only be a good thing, to take some time out of your busy life to record your thoughts. You have so many passions in life and it is a privilege to be able to share in them all with you. You are inspirational and through your posts you are able to impart your knowledge, expertise and experiences and this is a gift for all of us who read your blog.

I was so excited to see your bookshop, now I just have to wait until I have some time (ie when my two babies are sleeping)so I can sift through your recommendations. Would you consider adding the books you have found useful and enjoyable for your children in your bookshop?

Poets Garden looked like the kind of shop I would adore and spend up big. What a tranquil looking place that seems to be filled with eveything "beauty full". This looks as though it will make the perfect creative space for you and your family. What a team your mum, sister and you made. An entrepreneur and a dreamer what a combination, one that could take you anywhere your dreams could imagine.

Lots of love

Heidi said...

Elise~ It is always a joy to read your comments! Thanks for all the kind words.

On the Amazon book shop, on the right is a catagory box with additional catagories of book selections. There are picture books and children's literature. I have lots of educational books sorted by subject in sub-catagories under Education and Parenting. Hope you enjoy browsing!

carole said...

I think you're allowed a post or two about 'nothing' after post upon post with so much content! Most people have blogs that are the opposite. :) I admire your energy to keep it up. Mine is so much more fits and spurts.

spanki said...

take your time girl, but always come check back in with us, i too have increased my blog post, but it really is because i am needy, have too much time on my hands, and y'all ARE my only friends!!

spanki said...

oh- and bring on that photoshop! you've got me all excited!