Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Levitical Sayings

Levi at 6 1/2

Why did you refuse her offer? (Our neighbor had just called and asked if she could take Levi to VBS.)

Sigh. When does the opening melody return? (While working in the middle of a particularly difficult piano piece.)

I'd like to direct your attention over here. (While giving a 'tour' to visiting friends.)

I don't want to forfeit my turn!!

Will someone rid me of my backpack? (Can't seem to get his backpack off easily.)

These go in the school room, I presume? (Putting away a stack of books.)

This music makes me drowsy.

This heat is soothing.

I love dinosaurs, but one thing surpasses them.... horses!

Look at my dinosaur wing protrude.

Hey, mom. I know you've watched this movie because the outer covering is gone. (Holding Nim's Island which we purchased. I tell him he has to wait for Dad to watch it with him.) But it's a Levi movie, none the less!

(Levi comes out of the bedroom wearing Leif's swimming trunks on his head. I ask him if Leif got into his closet as well. Levi holds up a discarded set of jammie bottoms.) Here is his evidence.


Skeller said...

I can tell just by his remarkable vocabulary that he's quite a well-read (and read to) young man!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Gosh, what a character!

Tabitha said...

Oh, my goodness, those are hilarious!!! What an advanced vocabulary!! He must be watching some gooood TV! :)
I love hearing what comes out of their mouths--tells ya what's going into their heads, eh? :)

spanki said...

oh how i love the things that come out of their mouths! i want to do a scrapbook page of all the things my kids have said over the years, if you don't write them down you too soon forget! love this post!!

Jennifer said...

He is too much! It's great you are recording these things. And I love the photo... I can tell he's got a big, fun personality!

Amy Jo said...

I love how you've documented him at this age. Do you crack up when you hear some of his vocabulary choices?