Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Truth in Reporting

My mother has given me a very bad time today for posting pictures of her and making it seem as if she played softball all evening with the grandkids while the rest of us did nothing. Truth be told, she relaxed on a blanket with her youngest granddaughter while the rest of us played most of the time.

I told her that she was the only one who looked adorable playing softball, so it was her fault I only posted pictures of her. However, I hate to be accused of not giving you the whole truth. Just to make us feel better, I'm sharing photos of my brother-in-law Ben, myself at bat (photo taken by niece Ilex), and Shannon running home with my sister Holly in the background (and Luke blocking home plate).

Unfortunately, I didn't capture everyone on photo, but now I feel that the representation is evened out a little. Grin.

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Jenny said...

Aren't mothers funny!