Friday, May 22, 2009

Evergreen Space Museum

Evergreen Space Museum 2

We spent yesterday at the Evergreen Space Museum. It was one of those days when everything goes according to plan. Don't you just love those?

It was an early morning for us (we're late risers), but Russ and I got to wake up the boys together and have a cuddle-fest. Everyone got ready quickly, and we headed out (and Russ to work). My angel mother offered to watch Leif for the day, so we dropped him off and headed over to Holly's to pick up her clan.

The sun was shining, the drive was delightful (through the countryside, vineyards galore), Holly and I chatted, and the middle row of three children was silent the whole way. Ilex sat in the back between Luke and Levi (both of them with their heads on her shoulders), reading The Secret Garden with a Yorkshire accent. The whole way. Utopia.

We arrived at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum in perfect time. The place is gorgeous. We were in the Space wing for the Astronomy Home School Day. I thought it would be an excellent ending to our astronomy science studies. Our friends, Christina and Jake, met up with us. We spent the morning learning about space and making a comet out of dry ice. Luke was well-behaved and Levi knew all the answers. (Apparently he learned something about astronomy at home. Whew!)

Astronomy Class 2

We ate lunch outside in the sunshine while the kiddos got all their energy out on the awesome play structure.

Play Structure

We headed back inside for a presentation inside an inflatable planetarium. What fun!
We then learned a little more about comets and then made some crafts.

Astronomy Day Class

The classes ended a little early, so we had time to browse the Space Museum. It was incredible! Huge. Beautiful. First class.

Evergreen Space Museum

We made the return drive through the sunny countryside, listening again to Ilex's Yorkshire accent. Ahhhhhhhhhhh.

I can't wait to return to Evergreen to peruse the Aviation building and catch an IMAX show or two. I tried to make sure Levi didn't glance at the word 'dinosaur' on the IMAX Theater billboard, or we would have had more than the usual break-down upon leaving the museum....


Mrs. E. said...

OH how wonderful for the kids to have an opportunity like this.
As always, love your pictures.

jodi said...

what a wonderful day! the museum looks awesome!

Diana said...

Evergreen is the best! We went for the first time this spring and loved it, though I don't know that Bug got much out of it (being 3.5.) Our kiddos were disappointed to miss the playground (due to the weather), so we hope to make a return. Glad your boys got so much out of it!

our little acorns said...

Wow, so fun!

Heasleye said...

Hey, you were up near my neck o' the woods! :) Well, I'm about 40 minutes north, I think. We've only been in the aviation building a few times, but haven't enjoyed the space museum (or IMAX) yet. Glad to hear it's nice too! And isn't that play structure just the best? I was so impressed by it. :) So glad you had such a terrific day!

Anonymous said...

We are members here too, but haven't been to see the new stuff yet. I can't wait! These are great photos. I wish I had known about the homeschool class...looks very cool. ~Tera

Laurel said...

What a cool place and a great day! I bet your boys just loved it!