Friday, May 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning Party


Boy howdy, do I need this one.

Anyone want to join me?

Do you think it will be more fun to deep clean the house if we call it a party?


Heather said...

Heidi--- I'm in!! I've been reading through the Simple Mom site this afternoon (I had a bit of catching up to do :) and was gonna post about this very topic tonight. I'm inspired (as inspired as one can be about cleaning, that is!) and agree with you... if we call it a party, surely-- hopefully!-- it'll be more fun! Good luck~

Precision Quality Laser said...

Cleaning by any other name is Sigh.

I will have to get in on this later on. We have a women's conference at church this next week and it will be crazy busy for a while! But I am excited :)