Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I Spy

I spy
with my little eye
something beginning with


A while back I was lamenting about the fact that I couldn't find a good alphabet book with both uppercase and lowercase letters. I've mentioned my favorite first alphabet book before, Museum ABC, and now I've found my second favorite. I Spy: An Alphabet In Art features a letter (both uppercase and lowercase) cleanly typed on a white page and one art masterpiece on the facing page in which the child can find something beginning with that letter. This provides the parent with a jumping-off point for discussing the art with their child. Excellent!


Precision Quality Laser said...

So that's where you got the idea for the photo on yesterday's post! Love it...very cool imitating art :) (Which isn't to say that your photo isn't art...I just mean you had a bit of inspiration for it :) )

Heidi said...

Mrs. Q ~ Yeah, I was being vague to see what the comments would be. :) My husband thought that most people would know it from The Thomas Crown Affair (movie), but I was thinking that most people would have never seen the painting. I think I'm right. :)
'The Son of Man' by Rene Magritte is also the last painting featured in the art book Cave Paintings to Picasso, which is a terrific art resource for elementary-middle school students.

I considered that our art project yesterday. I think the boys will always remember that painting now. It is fun to think a little out of the box now and then.

Holly said...

Ivy and I have enjoyed this book. I realized after I bought it at the Book Bin that it has a hand written note in front saying it was originally purchased at the Louvre. Wish I was the one who could say I bought it there.

Renee said...

Love the picture of the baby and the book! By the way, I referred to your book list on my blog today. I hope that referral is okay with you! Thanks again for all the great info and the great art and pictures to enjoy!