Friday, May 15, 2009

Fix-It Friday

Little-Beauty PS/P

I'm participating, once again, in fix-it friday over at i heart faces. Below is the original image we were given to 'fix.' I love it! I chose not to clean up her dirty arms, because there is a pureness to showing that a beautiful little girl in a white dress can find joy digging in the earth. I also went against the rule of thirds (placing her eyes at the top third of the photo), because I really 'felt' the space above her (not sure how to explain that one technically, grin).

What I did do:

In Photoshop CS2: TRA's Oh, Snap, Yin/Yang (lightened face and body), flattened, PW's Boost, flattened, then TRA's Pool Party and Punch Out! (100%).

In Picnik: Slight crop, resized, sharpened, Cross Process (fade at 70%), adjusted curves slightly, and added frame. Voila!


angie {the arthur clan} said...

Hee! You nailed her perfectly Heidi. She loves to dress up but will be playing in the dirt at the same time. :)

Awesome fix and amazing job with this photo.

co-founder of I ♥ Faces

jodi said...

love it! you really have a great eye, heidi!


Pam D said...

Excellent! I never even noticed the dirty arms til now. You've got Picnik figured out!

AJ said...

Very nice work!

Anonymous said...

I bet you "felt" the space above her because the way the light is highlighting the top of her hair is angelic - like heaven is illuminating her. I'm being serious not corny :) ~Tera

Diana said...

Wow. Just wow.