Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holiday Weekend ~ Episode #3


Monday, after a morning of more work around the house, we headed to another friend's home.

Our host, Bob, is co-owner of the company Russ used to work for in the Portland area and has become a good friend over the years. He is larger than life, brilliant, full of outrageous stories and jokes, a lover of good food, and a 'crazy uncle' to our three boys. His home is a fascinating bachelor pad, full of interesting art and treasures, overlooking Lake Oswego.

The food is always incredible (he spends hours slaving over his famous BBQ'd ribs), and the company and conversation even better. We love spending time with two other favorite couples who are usually around to party with us, as well.

Island Bridge

Down at the dock, we bask in the sunshine, staring directly at this beautiful bridge. It is the driveway to an island home... the most expensive property currently on the market in the whole state of Oregon. Next time we visit, we'll be going for a boat ride around the lake. I'll have to snap some photos of the incredible homes in this area and share them with you.

Monday, though, we stayed on shore. The boys pretended to fish and really did jump into the water; even Russ managed a refreshing swim. We enjoyed getting to know our friends' new little baby boy. Definitely a perfect ending to a holiday weekend!

On the Lake


Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh my goodness, what a beautiful place, Heidi! And that food looks delicious!

I enjoyed looking back at your weekend pictures. It made me want some banana bread now. That's the second blog I've seen banana bread on today! :)

Have a great day!

Mrs. E. said...

Oh, ribs! Our family favorite!
What a fun day. Beautiful pictures.

Molly Anne said...

I swear I can smell those ribs right through my stomach is growling now.

Lovely, lovely photos!

Christi said...

The bridge is gorgeous. Looks like lots of fun!

Aja Jenise said...

I can finally call your photography--YUMMY!!

Beautiful lovey!!


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Love that pic on the bottom left! It looks like a great weekend.


nanajoy said...

Love that bridge and the boys fishing!!! Great time last night with you Heidi!