Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Holiday Weekend ~ Episode #2

Backyard Fun

Day #2: Church, more work around the house, and backyard fun with family/friends.

And roasting marshmallows, of course!

Roasting Marshmallows

One of my favorite people. Maybe next time I'll get a photo of her face!



Diana said...

I am very curious about the firepit! Any plans for a firepit tutorial?

Mary Miles said...

Actually that firepit was built by my husband and I. It was very easy and only cost about $50. All we used was cinderblocks (not sure how to spell that one)

Heidi said...

Thanks for answering, Mary! We had a fun evening at your house. :)

Diana~ Yep, that is our friends' back yard and fire pit. Isn't it nice? I like how the fire pit is raised so that you don't have to bend down to roast the marshmallows. A little bit safer with kids around, as well.