Friday, May 8, 2009

Spring Cleaning ~ Day 2

I love having so many windows in my front room until it is time to dust the shutters! I got them clean yesterday. Windows are on the docket for today, along with the floors.

Some things are easy for me to toss (well, not many things), but I have the hardest time purging magazines. I am just sure that I will find/make time to go through them and cut out all the great ideas/recipes that I will never do/make. I managed to let go of this stack:

I only saved a few. I would really like a basket or bin on this (very distressed) tea cart to hide the piles I can't part with. Oh, and another bin for containing stuff on the cabinet just inside the front door. I also want one of those 'recharging stations' that contains all the cords for recharging all our mobile phones. I'm making my list now....

This desk was filled with junk that I cleaned out. Now I have 9 empty drawers to use for my new paperwork system! Wahoo!!

While we're chatting about storage, the following cabinet houses my smaller decorating items that aren't being used at the moment. (I've been asked about that before and haven't answered yet... Sorry! I need to finish up all those questions next week!)

I covered the glass doors with paper (heavy wrapping paper that looks like vintage postcards) so that I wouldn't have to have the clutter inside organized:

The lower half of the cabinet houses scrapbooking/craft stuff that needs to be organized, as does the library cabinet below. That organizing project is going to have to wait for some other week...

On to the windows and floors.... Ugh.


Gail said...

wowsers thats a lot of windows. Rather you than me. I love your furniture/house.

We live in a tiny apartment her in Italia, rented for us by the company my husband works for, it's furnished with the worlds ugliest furniture. Hideous.

But despite that its just FAB to see the results of a thorough spring clean, isnt it? Brava.

Em said...

I think you have the most wonderful taste in decor! I love when you show pictures of your house! Your furniture is awesome! I just love spring cleaning, except for my allergies :(

Aja Jenise said...

This is all beautiful furniture... where did you find it all...? Oh do tell..