Monday, November 22, 2010

In the Princess Tower


The princess tower has been a little lonely these past weeks. I am so happy that it was ready before Lola was born, but it has housed her 'stuff' more than her for the first few weeks of her life. It is a beautiful, bright space, though, and it cheers me just to be up there.

Since Lola has been sleeping mostly swaddled in her carrier next to my bed, I've begun to put her carrier up in her room for naps during the day. That way, she is a little more removed from the chaos and noise of normal life in a tiny house with three boys, and I have access to my room during the hours she sleeps.

(At night I still have her near me so I can hear her when she wakes. She hardly ever cries at night. She just squeaks and grunts. {Grin.} I nurse her in my bed, then put her back in her carrier where she goes right back to sleep.)

She has been taking two long naps each day and a cat nap in the evening. Her afternoon nap is often three or more hours! I can't even tell you how happy that makes me after three non-sleepers. (And I hope that makes my blog readers happy, too, since I now have the time and energy to post often!)

princess tower

Maybe I'll transition her to her cradle this week. Or next. Or the week after that. I'm getting really good at just doing what works and not getting all worked up about what it 'should' be. Lola has turned me into a happy, mellow person. It probably helps that she is a mellow, sweet baby and I'm getting some sleep, too!


jeana said...

So happy for you, and happy to see you posting! I totally understand doing what works and not "what should be"...just wrote a post about that 20 seconds ago ha. Praying for you and your sweet family, and love watching God working it all out for you!

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love those hooks with the sweet dresses.

My third slept in her carrier for works!

sandy toe

Renee said...

All of my kids slept in their carriers for a while, too. Love her sweet room. I agree, sleep is the key to sanity. Hope you continue to get lots of it!!

Audra said...

I always sleep so much better after the baby is born than I have for months being pregnant. We just had our sixth baby, our third sweet daughter, and she sleeps like an angel. I'm glad you are getting rested up. Happy Thanksgiving!

Misha said...

This fills my heart for you. It makes me so happy after little prayers prayed. : )

carole said...

I am so happy reading this. The yellow room, the mellow baby, the happy mama - all such uplifting news.
Happy Thanksgiving.