Sunday, November 21, 2010

Music and Math

Tin Whistle

We are currently attempting to learn to play the tin whistle (along with music theory) in our Classical Conversations classes. This is a wonderful way to introduce children to an instrument. Not only is a tin whistle an instrument that is used in orchestras, it has smaller holes than the recorder (making it easier for little fingers), is simple to play, is inexpensive, and takes up very little space.

One of the boys' CC tutors shared this incredible website with video tutorials and sheet music, everything you need to begin playing the tin whistle! No more excuses for not learning an instrument!

Speaking of music theory, Making Music Fun is a treasure-load of free printables. Check out these free music theory worksheets. I love the composer biographies and free sheet music. (We printed out a very simple version of Bach's Musette in D for this month's composer studies.) We also used the It All Adds Up! free rhythm worksheets to switch up our math review for a day or two. (Scroll down to the bottom of the music theory worksheets page.)

Which leads us to math. I've been using for our (free) easy-to-implement math review worksheets the last few weeks. Check out the index at the top of the page. There are over 6000 free printable worksheets (with answer keys!). Nice.


Kelly said...

hey, we have the tin whistle going on at our house too...except for the week my son lost his backpack at cc with the tin whistle in it. i love the photo. i miss seeing you at TWTM boards. your baby is gorgeous. :-)

K-Sue said...

Thank you for these links - I just bookmarked the tin whistle and math drills site. I'd like to get a tin whistle, you know, to go with our piano, keyboard, and trombone.