Wednesday, November 17, 2010

This and That

Bambi and Lola

My lovely sister, Holly, has invited the family over for dinner several times in the past month. (She must be taking pity on us poor, unemployed people.) It has been wonderful to be at her gorgeous home, eating her delicious food, spending time with my awesome family. So I'm sharing random photos taken at her house lately. Lola and my mom (doesn't she look young and fabulous?!). The fashionistas on what must have been boot day. Luke stealing a quiet moment on the window seat. Fall centerpiece.


Luke Reading

It's a good life.



renee said...

You are very blessed. We live nowhere near family.

Mon Cheri said...

Bliss!is what I call it.
(BTW thanks for the compliment)

Mon Cheri said...

Oops I mean "Bambi" (Bsmbi? How would we pronounce that!)

Timi said...

I like the photo of your mom and Lola! It's sooo lovely! They are very beautiful together :o)!