Wednesday, November 10, 2010

St. Martin's Day

We love celebrating holiday traditions from around the world. In the past few years, Green Friday has been the kick-off for our celebrations. This year, we've been introduced to St. Martin.

St. Martin was a Roman soldier around 300 A.D. Legend has it that he shared half of his cloak with a beggar in a snow storm. He later had a dream in which Christ appeared as the beggar and Martin converted to Christianity. He became a missionary and was eventually made a Bishop in France.

German children celebrate St. Martin's Day by walking in a procession with handmade lanterns on November 11th. You can read more about St. Martin and the German tradition here.

We tried our hand at making our own 'stained-glass' lanterns:

Stained-Glass Lantern

St Martin's Day


Shell in your Pocket said...

OH..very cute and fun!

sandy toe

Ariana Sullivan said...

I like the idea to celebrate holidays from around the world.

Your boys look adorable in that picture :-)