Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Girl

Mommy Kisses


Autumn Angel


Angela said...

Congrats- Oh my gosh, I haven't been to your blog forever, didn't even know you had a baby! She is beautiful. Congrats you have a fabulous mom and I love getting ideas and inspiration from you- perhaps one day we will meet, the east coast girl, you the west goal girl!

April said...

I am glad you are satisfied with your photos, now. I know it doesn't matter how many compliments you receive or how lovely everyone says the pictures are, you know what you want and it is an unsettling feeling when you feel you aren't quite getting those shots. I relate. However, I am always extremely impressed with the quality of your photos. The new ones are no exception!

Timi said...

She IS beautiful!!!!

Anonymous said...

TWO beautiful girls... Destiny

Susan said...

beautiful baby, love the colors!