Friday, November 26, 2010

A Thankful Heart {And a Full Belly}

Fall Banner

Thanksgiving Dinner Table

Making Thanksgiving Dinner

Casey & Lola

Shannon & Dad

Lola & Ivy

Grandpa & Lola

Luke, Drake & Mom

Dinner Table

Thanksgiving Dinner

Ben, Luke & Shannon

Leif & Ilex

Levi & Ilex

Thanksgiving Food

Eating Dinner

Luke & Casey


travelin' nan said...

Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving with us, Heidi!

Heasleye said...

Beautiful!!! How cute is Lola sitting on Russ's lap at the table?! I thought of you while making our family's traditional "Pear Salad" (lime jello, pears, cream cheese, cool whip) wondering if your family was having a version of it this holiday. :)


PS - Is it strange that I get a kick out of trying to name everyone in your photos? Heehee...:)

Heidi said...

Elaine~ So, how did you do with the naming? Did you get everyone? :) And, yes, we had our jello salad. It is always orange for Thanksgiving, and dinner wouldn't be the same without it!! I still want to try your pear version. I LOVE pears!