Tuesday, September 9, 2014

And So It Begins


We’re both finding out what a full day of lessons is like. It might take several weeks to get our groove and increase the independence. This week, in particular, is a bit chaotic. His tutor has been very ill, and we’re doubling up classes and assignments this first week. I’ll know better what “normal” might look like at the end of next week.

He and I are going to be stretched and learn a lot this year, that’s for sure.


whimzie said...

My son's in Challenge B this year and we learned very quickly last year that there's a reason it's called "Challenge."

Anonymous said...

My daughter is in Challenge A this year. She is very independent, but we too are having to adjust to the (much) heavier work load!

We dost feelith your pain!


Kellie said...

So, here's a conversation that just happened at our house:

Me: Ryne, come look at this! This boy is a homeschooler and in Challenge A, just like you. Look at his desk!

Ryne: Are you trying to tell me I need to do the impossible?

Me: No, I'm just trying to give you inspiration.

Ryne: [sighs, and heads back to his room]

If your son's desk doesn't always look that neat, please don't tell me. I'm just going to pretend there's hope for us yet. ;-)

Anonymous said...

My older daughter did challenge A two years ago, and it was a struggle at first for her to organize herself. She had done only one year of foundations, and had not done essentials at all. After a few weeks, maybe 4-6, she figured it out & the rest of the year went pretty smoothly. Believe it or not, by second semester of challenge B, she didn't have enough to keep her busy, so we added Apologia physical science.

My second daughter is in challenge A this year, after all three cycles of foundations & two years of essentials. She is 5 weeks into the semester now & has had no problems. In fact, she is pretty much the star of her class, just because I have done this before & know what to emphasize. She is the only student in her class of seven who has had an older sibling in challenge. It is new even to the tutor (who is doing a great job, btw). I'm not bragging on my daughter, or myself - I'm just offering this experience as encouragement for you. You son's year in challenge A will be an advantage to your younger children in the future! That's just how it is being the oldest in the family!