Friday, March 14, 2008

Brown Eggs and Old Books

Why is it that brown eggs seem so much healthier than white? There is something about cracking brown eggs in my country kitchen with the sun pouring in the breakfast nook.

I know they aren't healthier just because they are brown, but I somehow am not convinced as I'm cooking scrambled eggs on the stove, putting wheat toast in the toaster, and pouring large glasses of orange juice. It's my favorite breakfast.

Is it something like reading an old book? The feel of the old binding on Ben-Hur is so different than the glossy cover of a new edition. When I finish an old book, I feel a different sort of accomplishment than reading the same words in a paperback. Why is that?

Sometimes I do judge a book, or an egg, by its cover.


Rosie's Whimsy said...

A good combination. I would join you for breakfast and an old book anytime! Have a Great Weekend.

:-) Rosie

Barb said...

Oh, I agree about the brown eggs, it's like white eggs have been bleached and brown eggs are earthier, more natural. The book thing too - it's like I'm closer to the original, the time, the author, the story.

Suzanne said...

My husband and I go back and forth on this one -- I grew up listening to a local ad campaign singing 'Brown eggs are local eggs, and local eggs are fresh' which brainwashed me big time! My husband swears the white are better because they're easier to crack. 'Course his mother used white eggs... but she also fed her kids donuts and Coke for breakfast, so there you go!! ;)

Marlana said...

I agree, brown eggs are so much better. We are going to try to raise chickens this spring for the first time, just to have our own yummy farm brown eggs. :)

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

whay lens do you leave on your camera most of the time?

Heidi said...

Rosie~ Come on over. :)

I Was Just Thinking~ That's it exactly! Kinda like the difference between stripped and bleached white flour and whole grain. And also about the books. Thinking that others have read the same book, shared the story with me so to speak. That the book might have seen the same time as the author...

Suzanne~ Isn't amazing how easily we're brainwashed with a slogan? :) I like brownies and Dr. Pepper for breakfast. Does that count?

Marlana~ My (non-animal-lover) dh suddenly decided that we should get chickens so that we would have our own eggs. I think it is another one of his 'let's make things really complicated in the name of 'convenience'' schemes, LOL.

Country Girl~ Oh, I'm so complicated and technical, not. I always use the same lens--the one it came with, LOL. AF NIKKOR 28-80mm.

Marlana said...

Heidi, I think our hubbies must be related. :)

carole said...

Way back when I was 100% city girl, someone told me that all eggs were white and that the brown ones were actually died - it was all a scam!!!

Then my parents moved to the country and raised a variety of chickens. Some of them laid brown eggs. Some laid white. Some laid pink. Some laid green. (really) So now I know. :)