Monday, March 24, 2008

Menu Planning

I'm still working on my menu planning notebook, but here's what we've got on the menu plan for this week:

Monday: Ginger Beef with Greenbeans

Tuesday: Thai Chicken Satays with Whole Wheat Flatbread and Green Salad

Wednesday: Tomato Beef and Broccoli over Whole Wheat Spiral Noodles

Thursday: French Dip Subs and Veggies

Friday: Gnocchi with Sausage and Spinach

Saturday: Shredded Beef and Black Bean Tacos

Sunday: Birthday Party!


AnnMarie Brown said...

Great idea of a menu planning notebook. Good menu plan!

Sarah said...

What time should I show up for dinner?...Freeman, party of 4...

spanki said...

yum! well, aren't you on the ball! i guess my mac and cheese doesn't sound so appetizing any more! thanks for the easter roll recipe, i've been trying to find something like that, loved it, thanks!!!

heather said...

Meal planning is a favorite organizing habit of mine! I enjoy reading the meals you plan-they always sound so delicious and motivate me to branch out.

I have a kitchen journal where I plan my meals and make notes about foods we like or alterations I make to recipes. It is fun to be able to look back at how our eating has changed and stayed the same...

Elise said...

Wow, the variety. Sounds delicious. What's your secret to getting your little ones to eat all of this?

Heidi said...

Annie~ Thanks!

Sarah~ Come on over. ;)

Spanki~ Well, I'm working on it... I've been bad at getting decent meals together lately. Just having a plan written down helps immensely!

Heather~ I actually enjoy meal planning. It's just that it is one more thing I wish I could have time to concentrate on, ya know? I loved it when you blogged about your kitchen notebook a while back!

E & T~ Oh, you mean the kids are supposed to eat what I make for dinner, LOL! Really, though, I've got pretty picky kids. It is important to me that they taste a wide variety of foods and flavors, but I'm fairly realistic.

I fix basic breakfasts and lunches. They usually have an afternoon snack also. When it comes to dinner, they get served what I fix, but what they eat from their plate varies. I try to get them to eat as much as possible, but...

My 1 yo is voracious eater, but if he doesn't like something he spits it out. And he's opinionated about it. :)

The 3 yo has interesting tastes. He doesn't like tomato stuff (tacos, spaghetti, pizza) which is frustrating. If I can leave the sauce off of something I occasionally do that. But he eats raw cauliflower and lettuce/feta cheese/walnut/cranberry/viniagrette dressing salads or just leaves of lettuce plain. Lots of other foods are a battle with him.

My 6 yo is fairly picky, but I make him eat almost everything. I let up on broccoli because that is his #1 dislike.

It's funny because many of the foods on other family's meal lists wouldn't go over very big here. Oh, and this week's meals are about as diverse as I get.