Thursday, March 27, 2008

Toy Taxonomy and Jello Cell-o

I'm still thrilled with our new science program!

Making a cell model with jello:

Learning taxonomy with toys:

Kingdom: Legos
Phyllum: Duplo, Lego, Quatro:

Class: Odd Shaped, Square, Rectangle:

Order: Tapered, Short, Tall

Family: Gray, Brown, Green, Yellow, White, Orange:

Genus: Light Green, Dark Green

Species: Okay, we ran out of blocks, but we were close!


Elise said...

Ahhh hands on science, I love it.

It's such a creative way to teach what can otherwise be some heavy going content matter.

More importantly, your children will have the opportunity to apply their newly acquired knowlegde in such an exciting and memorable way.

PandaMom said...

That cell structure is just about the coolest thing EVER! I am buying this book and wouldn't have known about it without you sharing it...Thanks! ; )

Mumsy said...

I love the jell-o cell! I've been trying to tell my curious three year old about cells. This will be the perfect thing!

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Ok, WOW! That is so cool! What a fantastic way to remember classification!

Mandy said...

Could the Kingdom start with Toys and then get more specific from there?

What a great way to make learning fun! I love checking in and seeing what you are doing next.

Unknown said...

Returned home from library. Had a break on the computer. Go to Heidi's blog. Read. Copy idea. Going to do science now. (Actually, this was our last lesson, so the taxonomy application will complement it nicely!)

Sarah said...

Love the toy taxonomy!! Fabulous idea! There's nothing better to me than finding a concept that's enjoyable & engaging and you see it "CLICK" with the kids. What a little rush!
I've tagged you through my blog.;D

Anonymous said...

the jello cell-o makes *way* more sense when I read it as a cell rather than thinking (as I did at first) of the musical instrument! just couldn't figure out what all the bow-tie pasta and stuff was meant to represent, but then I thought, "what do I know? I'm not a musician!" :oP I do, however, remember quite a bit about my science classes, so once I began to read the post, it all made sense *hee hee* :o)

heather said...

That cell is the coolest!

Renee said...

How fun! Random little info...I thought of you today when I saw the book Museum ABCs at a consignment sale. I have been looking for a copy in hardback since February when you posted about this great jewel of a book. I found it for $1.50 in perfect condition. No torn pages or anything! We read it tonight and all three children loved the pictures. Even my seven year old was captivated! Thanks for the suggestion! As usual, it took me several months to act, but it was worth the wait. I'm still looking for time to do several of your home decorating projects. They were on the March to-do list, but oh well. There's always April...or May.

Jenny said...

What a great idea!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! I love it! I can just imagine your boys having so much fun with those two activites!