Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In My Idea File

I tore this page out of Better Homes and Gardens to put in my idea file:Because I have two of these chairs that need desperate attention:
Then I came across this at How About Orange. I need to go to the fabric store to find the perfect fabric with which to cover the seat and then paint to match. I wonder what I'll come up with?

My chairs don't have quite the fun shape as the two examples, but I bet they'll look great made up!

What project have you added to your idea file lately?


elliottsurf said...

I have a million projects in my idea file, but it is so much more fun to see what you are doing! Those chairs are going to be COOL! You are so inspiring! I know I'll get some energy to organize my file and start on a project soon!

jillskict said...

Hi Heidi, I have a ton of chairs that I have transformed. One I even picked up on the side of the road. I have at least one spare chair in each room of my house and I love all of the different shapes. Have fun with yours.

our little acorns said...

Ha! I am a junk chair ADDICT...I drag them home from every corner of the county! My husband is gracious and never questions the life I see in them. The problem is getting around to refurbishment. Hmmm....thank you for giving me the "oomph" I needed to go attack some of them and make them the beautiful chairs they can be! Blessings on you and your boys today.

Anonymous said...

I think your chair is a great shape! You'll have to show an "after" photo when you finish your project.

Actually, your scrapbook paper-circles-on-canvas is high on my idea file to-do list right now! I'll let you know when I do it.

Mrs. B said...

Great blog! Discovered you through Today's Creative Blog. Your ideas are so great. I really like the shape of your chairs and I think they'll look fabulous when you're done. Hope you'll share how they turn out!

Heather J said...

You've got a great blog going. (I too found your blog through TCB) This idea is in my idea file also, i just need to find an ugly, old chair. Your chairs will turn out gorgeous i'm sure. Have fun with the project!

Jenny said...

I saw that on 'How About Orange' too, and was inspired.
I have too many projects on the boil at the moment. If I take on another one there may be marriage counselling needed.

Mrs. Limestone said...

Would you happen to have a larger image of the article from BHG? I need to paint a desk and chair and I could use some help on the proper tools and steps to get the best result.

Thanks, S

Mandy said...

You inspired me - I finally got started re-doing my kitchen chairs. I was putting it off thinking it would be too hard, but I am very satisfied with the results. And - it feels great knowing I did it myself!