Monday, March 31, 2008

It's All About Me

I suppose it is a bit about me every day on this blog, but I hope it is rarely all about me. Today, however, I feel somewhat justified considering it is a particularly 'me' day. I thought I would attempt a self-portrait for my 34th birthday.

What I realized is that I don't care for pictures of myself. I took about 100 (okay, maybe more) trying to get one I liked. (Maybe because this is my first try ever at a self-portrait?) This is what it came down to after playing around in Nikon Editor for a little while:

Maybe I'll turn one of these into my avatar. Votes for a favorite?

Today is a perfect day to play along with Sarah and complete my 7 Random Things About Me tag. If you just can't stand it and need more of me, check here (you'll have to scroll a bit) or here.

* Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
* Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
* Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

1. I've watched every season of American Idol. Sad, but true. David Cook has been my top choice from the beginning of this season. He was absolutely, positively incredible last week. David A., Brooke, and Michael Johns round out my top 4. (Whispering... I also watch Dancing with the Stars. But don't tell anybody. It's embarassing.)

2. I love to sleep. I'd sleep 12 hours a day if I could. I miss my sleep.

3. I love living in the country, but when it comes right down to it, I'm not much of an outside person.

4. I could spend all day talking about personality styles. You might call it obsessive. I can peg people fairly quickly and accurately using the Myers Briggs system. Take a free online test here. I'd love to know what you all come up with. My favorite description of the personality styles is here. Conversations with my little sister often go something like this, 'Yeah, but that's the 'J' coming out in her,' or 'Well, if he wasn't such an 'E' we wouldn't have this problem.' I happen to be an ISFJ.

5. Speaking of personality styles, the ISFJ portrait here describes me in the following way: 'follows the rules, polite, fears drawing attention to self, dislikes competition, somewhat easily frightened, easily offended, timid, dutiful, private, lower energy [laughing out loud, here...], finisher, organized, socially uncomfortable, modest, not confrontational, easily hurt, observer, prone to crying, not spontaneous, does not appreciate strangeness - intolerant to differences, apprehensive, clean, planner, prone to confusion, afraid of many things, responsible, guarded, avoidant, anxious, cautious, suspicious, more interested in relationships and family than intellectual pursuits, not adventurous, fears doing the wrong thing, dislikes change.' That about covers it. I think that counts as #6 and #7 as well. We're done here.

6. Didn't you read the description of me in #5? FOLLOWS THE RULES, DUTIFUL, FINISHER...

7. My daughter-in-law is going to hate me. When I hand Luke his clothes and tell him to get dressed, he bats his eyelashes at me and sweetly asks me to warm them in the dryer for him. I can't even described the power that little boy has over me. The good thing is that he is the same personality style as his Uncle Ben who would put his own clothes in the dryer along with his wife's and hand them to her warm along with a cup of Chai tea as she is slowly waking up in the morning. I think I am going to redirect Luke into warming my clothes in the morning. I bet he'd do it.

That's enough about me for another year. What would you like to talk about? If anyone wants to participate in the random things about me tag, feel free. I know I should follow the rules and tag 7 people, but I hate telling anyone what to do. Grin.


Anonymous said...

Firstly Happy Birthday! I hope you have a lovely day that celebrates you!

I like the first pic the most. I've never met you, but the first one seems to have a slightly softer expression. They are all beautiful have great skin!

Elise said...

I have never done a self portrait either. What a good idea, however, I don't think I'd come up with the diversity that you did. My favourite shot is the first one - to me it exudes a sense of warmth. Although I had to look through all of the shots several times to slect a favourite - they all have something that grabs your attention - I guess it just comes down to individual preferences.

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Happy Birthday!!! And I like the 1st one the best. You CANNOT go black and white with those beautiful eyes!

Kindra-At Home With K said...

Happy Birthday! I like all the pictures of you but the last one calls to me! You do such great photography.

Looks like you had a great party!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday! Your pictures are great! The first one is especially good.

Have a great day,

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! Hope you have a wonderful day! I vote for the very top picture! ;)

5 Chicks and a Farmer said...

Can I just say that you look AMAZING with short hair? I would have your hair in a heartbeat if it would look good on me, but it would NOT. I've always wanted short cute hair like that. It doesn't work on very many people, but girlfriend you work it!

#7 has to be my favorite. I am guilty of warming up my daughter's blankies (she has 3) every single night before bed. She gets them, laughs, cuddles, and sighs when she gets them in her arms. There is nothing like it!

I'm so with you on American Idol. I'm a huge fan and LOVE all of your picks:).

Happy Birthday!

Donna Boucher said...

I like your pretty blue I would use color!!!

That Crazy Ajumma said...

I love all your posts but this one has to be one of my favorites.Speaking of favorites,I'm in agreement with most everyone else,I really like the first photo the best.
I hope you have a special birthday!
By the say im an ISFJ too.

Dreams of a Country Girl said...

I like the drama of soem of hte sepia ones, but your eyes are great in #1.

Happy bday!

Rice Krispie Treats -- LOVE THEM!! I have no idea how to make them. Do you cook them? See, I am so so sad. Do you use marshmallows or the creme?

I will google it and make them this week...I promise.

I do not think my two youngest have ever had them.

Anonymous said...

I'm ISFJ too! I've been told that's pretty rare. Love your blog - I like the second photo best! Molly

Anonymous said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! I turned 34 on the 29th. Nice to be born close to such a marvelous woman. :)

And I have been thinking that I should get some photos of me since hardly any exist. The kids are just cuter, you know.

Precision Quality Laser said...

I think that you look very striking in the second to last sepia. Your eyes look so mysterious in that one. I wish I could get that great of a'm photogenic when others are taking pics of me, but not when I'm taking my own!

Anonymous said...

wow! you look like Annette Bening!

Sarah said...

You're so pretty! I think the 1st or 3rd pics are best because you have lovely coloring/eyes and it shows them off best. There's MY 2cents! ;D

Thanks for participating in the "tag"!
I'll have to go check out my own personality profile...sounds fun!

You're a few months older than me,btw! :D

Sarah said...

I'm an ISFJ also! cool little anaylysis!

{marie} said...

Picture #1 is my favorite with your pretty blue eyes. What a beauty!!

Dreams of a Country Girl said...


That is what I am.

What in the world does that mean? Is this as complex as Rice Crispy Treats?

Heidi said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes and comments everyone!

Country Girl~ I could have told you that. :) Rice Krispie Treats are easier but they make my life difficult (resisting and all...). The Myers-Briggs personality styles may seem complicated at first, but they are pretty simple when you get used to them, and I think they make life simpler. :) Or at least relating to people is a little easier (for me).

Renee said...

Fun post. I was just referring to this personality test the other day on my blog (excusing myself for labeling and categorizing my pantry! :) I am an enfj. Happy birthday!!! The self-portrait is great. I like the next-to-last one.

heather said...

I can especially relate to #3. I am glad to know there are others out there like that.

And (#7) isn't it amazing the things we find ourselves doing for those sweet little ones =)grin =).

carole said...

Happy Birthday!!!
34 seems like a nice number.
I vote for pictures 2 and 3, although they're all lovely.

About the personality tests - I wonder if there's a personality type that tends to like personality tests. :)

Barb said...

I'm an ISTP...but then this is about you, not me!
I prefer your picture in your About Me column 'cuz you have such a great smile! But I'll take the first one.
happy's birthday month in our house too -- husband's, his grandfather's, my son's, my sister and her daughter. Great month to celebrate. As is July...then it will be all about MEEEEE!

Unknown said...

The fifth one down is my favourite style, but isn't my favourite pose. I prefer the first picture, but with the fifth style.

I,too, am 34! ;)

Luke sounds like Kramer from Seinfeld. Did you see that episode? It's the one where Kramer wanted his clothes warmed so badly, one day he asked the guy at the local pizzeria to put them in the oven...they came out burned.

carole said...

Caralyn - Ha! Gotta love Kramer.

Carrie said...

Happy birthday Heidi! You are simply stunning! Pic #1 is my favorite! You have amazing eyes! How does if feel to be 34? I'm right behind you... 3 more months! Hope your day was special!

Heidi said...

Caralyn~ Bwa-ha-ha! I remember seeing that one. Now I have that scene running through my head. Luke as Kramer, LOL.

Thanks, again, everyone!! I'm feeling loved. :)

Angela said...

Happy Birthday- Beautiful Pics Heidi!