Thursday, March 6, 2008

Just a Glimpse

In celebration of the little things, the simple joys, I grabbed my camera a day or two ago and snapped photos of the scenes around my home that made me smile.

A Smokey the Bear comic, a folded tablecloth (yeah, I don't feel like washing and ironing it 3 times a day...), and a tricycle in the yard. The sun pouring in through the windows:
Dinner (Swiss Steak) in the crockpot:
The beginning stages of a dinosaur museum. I am told that these are the models. The real dinosaurs will be shipped soon:
A card and crayon on the back of the toilet. Inside it reads, "YOUR INVITID TO The T-REX'S PRTE."
A desk full of homeschooling books and papers:
Not sure what was going on here (I heard something about dinosaurs~no surprise), but I pity the person trying to get in or out the front door:
Leif has a favorite new spot to hang out. Does this make anyone nervous:

He loves to play with the CD player:
He loves to dance:
And he adores climbing:
In case you have the erroneous notion that everything in my house is in mint condition, check out the side of the book case. The crib is in about the same condition due to Luke who ripped off the 'teething bar' and then scraped the paint of with his new teeth a few years ago:

Levi's new piano books at Grandma Great's piano:
I don't wanna talk about this:
Warm, clean, folded clothes waiting to be put away:
A perfect day for bike riding:
New growth on our fruit trees:
What simple joys are delighting you today?


Dreams of a Country Girl said...

you, heidi

you and your thoughts and perspective and beautiful, generous attitude.

simply you

carole said...

I have to laugh at Leif. Some people get so nervous around my boys (esp #'s 2 and 3) because they're always climbing on things. I have to chuckle when those nervous people tell my kids to get down off "that chair" or whatever the case may be. I'm usually thinking, "You think that is bad? That's nothing! That's safe compared to where he's usually climbing!!!"

Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Love it!! BTW, do you say, "Lafe" or "Leaf"?
I have to say that today I am enjoying, as I often do, the chaos of 3 TEENAGE boys. Much different than your boys, but there is something so boisterous and alive about teenage boys, especially when they decide they want to have a band.... (Only 1 is mine, btw.)

Heidi said...

Thanks, Country Girl. :)

Carole~ Yeah, I've had 3 climbers. Oh, the fun we've had, LOL. A friend had a really quiet boy the same age as Levi (less than a year at the time, I think). We were over at their house and Levi was up on the dining table in 2 seconds. Her father wondered what silly person put Levi on a chair. Um, no one. I imagine he would have freaked to see Levi dancing on the kitchen counter. Those drawers make such nice steps. :)

Small World~ I've often tried to imagine this house with three crazy, outgoing, teenage boys. I really hope I'm a good mom to them as they grow up, with the right mixture of boot camp instructor and laid-back, enjoying-the-ride attitude. :) I think a band sounds like fun.

We pronounce Leif's name 'Lafe.' :)

pussreboots said...

I loved your photo essay. The ones of your son climbing and dancing on top of the bookshelf reminds me of my daughter. She's not that good of a climber yet but I'm sure she will be soon.

Anonymous said...

Not that it's any of my business :) a mother of 4 girls, yes, Leif on top of the bookshelf makes me nervous! So, could you put the CD player down a few shelves so he can still operate it and dance on the floor?! I would hate to read a blogging post about his trip to the ER! He's so darling! I enjoy your blog...
Barbara in AR

Heidi said...

Pussreboots~Thanks for stopping by. Yes, you can often tell early which ones will be the climbers. Have fun with your daughter!

Barbara~ Oh, I would move the CD player (I sometimes do put it away because I'm tired of buying new ones), but it wouldn't make him not climb. :) I'd have to either spend 10 constant hours a day disciplining/redirecting or move the piano, the shelves in the playroom, the dining room table, the bathroom counter.... When it is in their blood, there isn't much you can do about it. Honestly, though, all 3 of my boys have amazing balance. We've had fewer trips to the emergency room than my friend with the quiet, non-climbing boy. I'm sure we'll have a few trips over the next 18 years, but they'll come regardless. Maybe they'll be champion rock climbers when they grow up! I'm glad you stopped by and commented.

Enriched-Mom said...

We live in Texas now, but I get so excited every time you post pictures with glimpses of the outdoors. Our hometown, I believe, must be very near you in Oregon.

I have 4 boys and understand the climbing. They love that conquering feeling and the feeling of accomplishment.

thanks for your photos.

Enriched-Mom said...

Just adding..thank you for stopping by my new blog. We lived in Lebanon. Hubby grew up in Lacomb.

Heidi said...

Glenda~ Well, hello neighbor. Or used-to-be-neighbor. :) We are in Albany. It's a small world, isn't it?

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Loved this post. So very real :-)

Brought back memories of when my little bot ( now 24) was a famous dinosaur hunter.

Thanks for sharing your simple joys. :-) Rosie