Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pedestal Bowl, Take Three

You all are so brilliant, I couldn't help but post a 'take three.' Thank you so much for participating. The pedestal bowl ideas you shared in the comments were terrific. Here is a recap for those of you who missed it:

Wine Corks
Coffee Beans
Jewelry Beads
and more!

Jodi gets the Project Heidi: Thanks for the Tip! award. She let me know that ebay is a great place to get bulk Scrabble tiles (as well as a bunch of the other items suggested...).

Jen over at Lipstick and Laundry gets the Project Heidi: That's the Way to Do It! award. She posted a bunch of pictures over on her blog, but I've stolen a few because I love them so much. I wanted black and white, if you remember, and dominoes are even better than dice. Why didn't I think of that?

What a beautiful way to display old family photographs and treasures!
And you know how much I love monograms!
Vintage kitchen utensils? Perfect!
And this is where we have a perfect segue! From vintage kitchen utensils in a pedestal bowl by Jen, we move on to cookie cutters in a glass jar by Shelly who receives the Project Heidi: You're One Step Ahead of Me! award:

I had wanted to move on to the next decorating essential, glass pitchers and containers. I love white pitchers, and they make a wonderful display in themselves, but glass pitchers and containers allow you more flexibility in your decorating.

Many of the items we've discussed that would look lovely in a pedestal bowl, also look wonderful in a glass pitcher. One of the benefits of a glass pitcher (or other container) is that the contents are still in view when it is set on a shelf or mantel.

Having a collection of various sizes and styles makes it easy to display a variety of items or put a few together (three of course) for a grouping. Look for creamer pitchers, apothecary jars, or canisters as well as traditional pitchers or vases.

There is more to come on Project Heidi. I have additional Decorating Essentials to share with you and for Decorating:101 we'll talk about hanging pictures on the wall. I also hope to show you a variety of collections to display on your Spot for Beauty. Stay tuned!


Jen Rouse said...

I haven't tried anything in a pedestal bowl yet, though I love the idea. But I thought I'd let you know that I've had a downturn in my wheat-grass growing decorating idea...I tried to use chives because I couldn't find wheatgrass seeds, but they are not doing very well. Guess I should have gone with the wheatgrass after all!

{marie} said...

posted my baseball filled hurricanes on my blog this afternoon. amazing how much i can accomplish on a rainy afternoon with a sick little girl at home. i am on domestic overload....and am loving every minute of it. thanks for the push.

Renee said...

Great ideas. Thanks! I am taking mental notes for this summer when I reinvent my family room. Right now I am trying to redo the play/school room. My mind is overflowing with ideas! Now I just need time... and money!

Beth said...

I can't wait to hear the ideas for glass jars/ pitchers. Right now my collection of glass bottles and jars holds all kids of bright colored candies on a high shelf in my kitchen! Also, I have the same jar pictured above full of vintage cookie cutters too. fun!

Laura said...

I most assuredly will be stealing these ideas; particularly the scrabble pieces and the citrus fruits. I'll also be coming back here for your homeschooling ideas since I've just begun the quest and already am in love with Charlotte and Gladys...Thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

I want it to be the end of April so I can go garage saling!!!! (Sigh. I'll have to wait.) Once again, great post.