Saturday, April 12, 2008


Fresh flowers are my number one way to instantly transform a room. Don't limit yourself to the ordinary. Try any type of organic material: bare branches, moss, grasses, wheat stalks, vines.

My personal favorite is flowering branches. One more lovely aspect of spring! It only takes 3 small branches to fill a vase (or white pitcher) without laborious arranging.

Project Heidi Tip: The rule of 3 can also be found in flower arranging. Not only does it look nice to use 3 branches or flower stems, but there is also a rule of thirds. Your vase or container should be 1/3 the total arrangement height, and your flowers or branches should be 2/3 of the height. (This is, of course, not an unbreakable rule. It's a great place to start, though!)

If you are filling a vase with a single variety of flower, try an odd number (I think I have roughly 5 branches in each vase). If you are working with a few different types of flowers or greenery, try 3 of each.


I have yet to paint my chair or put together a wall grouping tutorial, so I'll leave you with a picture of Jen's empty frame grouping. It's hard to tell in the picture, but she has aged/distressed robin's egg blue walls with lime green and yellow frames:
Oh, and Kambria has a frame (third picture down) in her dining room that she is using to showcase her daughter's painting.

I love the idea of having a frame (or group of frames) with a metal clip mounted on the wall inside the frame. A child's new masterpiece can easily be on display and then changed as the artist creates a new piece of art.

I'll admit to finding book dust jackets annoying, but I have a hard time throwing them away. I would love to make posters out of the children's book dust jackets I've saved and clip them up inside a frame, circulating the covers so we often have a new one to view.

Feel free to share your empty frame ideas. I know you have some...


The weather is shaping up just in time for the weekend. Time to be out working in the yard. And hopefully painting a chair. And three million other things on the to-do list. The boys will get in much bike riding, projects with Dad, tromping through the field, and mud baths. Then we'll be cleaning up and heading out to a birthday tea party for my niece.

Levi scooped up a few tadpoles from his mud hole today. We are looking forward to watching them develop in the habitat he picked out with his birthday money.

What is on your weekend itinerary? Take time to smell the flowers! I'll see you on the other side.

To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat. ~Beverly Nichols


Simply Me... said...

Wow, look at you all early... Lucky you, have a great day!


carole said...

I love the pitchers. Last spring I found THE perfect pitcher at an antique store - it was exactly what I was hoping to find for a friend's wedding gift. HOWEVER, I do think about it longingly, wishing it resided in my house. :)

Laura said...

Even though I'm a couple of days late, I read your post today and you inspired me to snip some forsythia and brighten our kitchen. Thanks! :)

Unknown said...

Nope, not a one. No empty frame ideas. Or fresh flowers. Or pitchers for that matter.

Sigh. ;-)