Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Another blustery day. Our soggy front yard is littered with willow branches.

A draggy body. Again. After a sleepless night with a sore throat and fitful baby boy. Will anyone blame me if this was my view for a good portion of the day?Until Luke came to keep me company. He brought me a note that said, 'WiL i LUV YU.' (Carole, he wanted to send it right away, but I fear it was written on quite a bit after that and the original message may never be recovered.) He had written it all by himself. And then my view looked like this:
Levi was listening to the last 5 hours of The Secret Garden on audio CD. He loved it. I loved it. My favorite literature selection for Levi this year by far. More review later...

Leif was either getting into trouble or napping. There isn't much in between for that boy.

But no television.

We finally headed out for piano lessons. Levi's piano teacher is a gem. (Hi, Lynn!)

There is a room in which the younger boys are able to play. The drive to piano lessons is gorgeous and calming. (Let me rephrase that. The drive from piano lessons is gorgeous and calming. The drive there would be much nicer if I could get out of the house in time.)

Some things you don't see every day. I happen to see it every Wednesday.
Orchards thrill me to the core. I would have loved an orchard to play in as a child. The ground seems so dark and cool. My eyes follow the repeating lines as we drive past.

More reading, a lesson or two, laundry, and then we're turning in early. How was your day?


Sarah at SmallWorld said...

Oh, your orchard and railroad tracks makes me all nostalgic. I had both to play in, beneath, and on when I was a child. And my kids don't. No orchards, no snow, no lake and no railroad tracks.But I daresay the mountains make up for all of that....

Tricia said...

I so enjoy the photos you post of your children and them doing school. Oh how I miss those days!

carole said...

The last two pictures are frame worthy! Beautiful!
I will tell Will about the message. How sweet. We have yet to respond ... taking our time ... sorry!

Jennifer said...

I'm enjoying your week in pictures. What a beautiful area you live in - so much space!

Elise said...

That sure is such a beautiful scenic drive home from the piano lessons. What a privilege to see such beauty.

Luke seems like such a thoughtful soul - that sure is one sure fire way to turn any mum's day around.

I agree with Jennifer's comment, as I am also loving your week in pictures.

Warmest wishes